Alignment Lawful good, Neutral good, Chaotic good, Neutral
Classes Paladin, Cleric, Blackguard
Homeland Prime Material Plane, Celestial Plane
Leader(s) N/A
Homeworld Toril
Classification Natural humanoid (celestial)
Languages Common

Aasimar are a race of humans that are planetouched. They appear in the "Forgotten Realms" series. They often are seen dwelling in the Prime Material Plane and Celestial Plane of Toril.

Brief HistoryEdit

The Aasmimar were created by as a result of humans breeding with celstial devas were unheard of on the multiverse prior to the arrival of the Mulani humans from a forgotten plane. Drawn by a powerful wizards of Imaskar The Mulani called their gods for aid. The gods could only appear as avatars so did their celestial servitors who require a mortal body, this resulted in the first devas. Since that time, the Devas are also called aasimar now in Mulhorand. They were however created by different means but all races share qualities with these first individuals.


Aasimar are very rarely spotted wandering the world of Toril, this is because very few celestials or gods are love partners with humans. Due to this, asimar do not often have brothers or sisters.

Magic & ReligionEdit

Since asimar are children to either a god or celestial, they often go down a very religious path and dislike the use of arcane. Instead they use magic that is divine. As a result to this culture, asimar often become paladins known for doing good deeds. Being a cleric is also common and if the asimar prefers a more evil path he or she will pursue in becoming a blackguard.

Since the asimar are a race of half-breeds, they do not necessarily worship one god or pantheon. However, when the Spellplague began, asimar began worshiping the Mulhorandi pantheon, it should also be noted that many asiamr are descendants of the Mulhorandi gods. The asimar that do worship this pantheon have a strange connectino to animals who their ancestors were patrons of. Asimar that do not worship the Mulhorandi pantheon or are living outside Mulhorand often worship the godly being of that land.

Relationships with other RacesEdit

Although being half human, assimar do not do much with their human relatives and instead get along better with other half-breed races. Aasimar often get along with Half-orcs and half-elves, yet a small amount get along with the tieflings. Humanoids with elemental descent are thought to be weird, even my the aasimar standards. More common, dominate races are not mentioned much by the aasimar due to the little encounters they've had with them.


  • Not only do aasimar inhabit Mulhorand, but they also inhabit the land of Unther.
  • Mulani slaves call upon their gods for assistance.
  • After the Spellplague, many aasimar have become nomads.