A render of an elder anouki.
Alignment Lawful good
Classes None
Homeland Isle of Frost, Snow Realm (currently)
Leader(s) Chief
Homeworld Unnamed planet
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Hylian
Anouki are a half-breed race of some sort with human features but have reindeer antlers. They are led by an elder anouki named Chief and appear in the "Legend of Zelda" series.


Anouki hail from the Isle of Frost found in the World of the Ocean King and have recently moved to land in New Hyrule's Snow Realm. Though most anouki are friendly they have had their conflicts with a race of yeti-like humanoids referred to as yooks. They have provided the Hyrule swordsman, Link on a few of his quests. The anouki are also honest, never telling a lie in their entire life.

Pure MetalsEdit

Though the anouki do not have possession of every Pure Metal, the anouki have the Azurine, or blue metal. Not all anouki are up to the idea of giving it away, as Link has to prove himself in order to actually be given the metal. It is being held at the Temple of Ice on the Isle of Frost and being protected by a dragon called Gleeok. With the three Pure Metals, a smith by the name of Zauz can forge Link a strong blade known as the Phantom Sword. This sword is needed to defeat the squid-like antagonist, Bellum.


  • The anouki are likely a reference to the Native Americans living up in Northern Canada, or otherwise called Eskimos.
  • In the game, "Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks", anouki never explain why they left their island and settled in New Hyrule or who told them to. It should also be noted that the yooks are not present in New Hyrule either.