Alignment Neutral
Classes Fighter, Thief, Warrior, Pirate
Homeland Ivalice
Leader(s) Unknown
Homeworld Gaia
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Common (presumed)

Bangaa are a race of reptilian humanoids that reside all across Ivalice. They appear in the "Final Fantasy" series.


The bangaa are lizard-like race with complete control over the land of Ivalice. They are known for being stronger than any other race of Ivalice. Due to the appearance of a bangaa it is nearly impossible to tell what gender a bangaa is. It should also be noted that they are not the only lizard race inhabiting Ivalice, there are creatures called lizardmen that live nearby too. Bagaa are the only lizard-like humanoids that can grow hair, which is another important fact. During a bangaa's life, they often pursue to be either fighter, rebels or thieves.

Racism & WeaknessEdit

Bangaa are rarely seen having emotions, however bangaa feel that simply being called a "lizard" is racist. However, bangaa is a much more common and more appropriate term for them.

Though they are reptilian beings, bangaa have a weakness to the element of water. Why they have a weakness to water exactly remains unknown.


  • In the game "Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy", the bangaa are referenced in a trade material called "Bangaa Tooth".