Alignment Lawful evil
Classes Warrior, Archer, Pirate
Homeland Hyrule
Leader(s) Ganondorf
Homeworld Unnamed planet
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Unknown

Bokoblin are common, recurring goblin-like humanoids that appear in Hyrule and neigboring lands. They appear frequently in the "Legend of Zelda" Series.


The very first recorded Link, encountered bokoblins around Hyrule. They seemed to be more primitive wearing leather vests and leather kilts with leopard-skinned underwear on. Some even wore white outfits with helmets. Due to this Link being in the most advanced in technology Hyrule, the bokoblin wield maces, swords and even electrical batons that will shock anyone who gets hit by one. They are even smart enough to parry Link's strikes.

The race is first discovered by Link, during Hyrule's Great Flood period. They were commonly found at lookout towers, submarines and the Forsaken Fortress. They are smarter than the Moblins and can control searchlights. However, they are terrible guards, often dozing off on post and unable to detect Link when on a boat. Common weaponry for the bokoblin include sticks, machetes, wooden shields and even telescopes. They seem to have a fear of explosives, often running away when Link holds a bomb.

In later years, the weakest discovered bokoblin are reddish color and can be easily defeated with a wooden sword. Further through Link's more recent quests, they appear blue and are slightly stronger. They seem not to scared of bombs in present times anymore either.


  • In the game "Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword", bokoblins wear leopard-printed loincloth. This is likely a reference to Japanese folklore of an Oni wearing tiger-printed loincloth.