Alignment Lawful good
Classes Warrior
Homeland Cleyra
Leader(s) Unnamed Burmecian King
Homeworld Gaia
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Common (presumed)

Cleyran are a race of mice-like people related to the burmecians. They appear in the "Final Fantasy" series.


The Cleyran hail from Cleyra, a desert kingdom with many sandstorms. They save racial culture with the burmecian, but were separated for a hundred years a while back. Disgusted by burmecians addiction to war a separist group left the Realm of Eternal Rain and lived in a giant tree to the west, their they built a new city. The feud finally ended and the burmecian and cleyran are on good terms with one and other. A sige happened years later and wiped out almost the entire cleyran population. This siege was lead by Queen Brahane and her black mages. Two indiviudals saved the citizens however, a strong young thief named Zidane Tribal and Fratley, a dragon knight and explorer. It is possible the race has to breed again to keep up the races' numbers.