Alignment Lawful good
Classes Druid, Healer, Druid of the wild, Warrior, Mage
Homeland Teldrassil
Leader(s) Tyrande Whisperwind
Homeworld Azeroth
Classification Fey humanoid
Languages Darnassian, Common, Taur-ahe

Dryads are the daughter race descended from Cenarius. They have the upper body of a female night elf and a lower body of a stag. Dryads appear in the "World of Warcraft" series.


Dryads monitor and maintain the health of Kalimdor's forests, they watch carefully for evil magic.

Allies of the night elves, dryads are the daughters of Cenarius. They are very peaceful and despise anything related to violence. However, like their relative races, the dryads will fight for the forests and their allies. When it comes to destroying magic they are adept and are immune to all of magics' effects. Most times, dryads spend time in the forests playing with animals, dancing during a rain shower and sometimes bring the wrath of nature on their enemies if needed. However, some dryads leave the forests and become adventurers. This is unusual to most races and more different then an adventuring ancient. Most dryads are inspired to adventure for the sake of meeting new beings and visiting new environments. It should be noted though that the dryads will always be forest watchers.

The dryads are friends with the night elves. Due to being daughters of Cenarius, dryads somewhat resemble their cursed brethren, the centaur. In the forest, dryads enjoy frolicking around. However, during the Third War they assisted the night elves in order to protect the forest.

While dryad are often very peaceful and playful with all forest creatures, they can be fierce protectors against those who damage the forest, in which they battle them. When fighting, dryads often carry a half of dozen spears which they toss at close range. When they run out of spears to throw, they may flee and get an ancients assistance, night elves' or keeper of the groves'. On the weapon the dryad uses, due to their strong connection with nature, their weapon has poison on it. They use the poison to slow down their enemies.

Dryads are described as swift, at peace and sure. As stated above, they abhor violence.


Since dryads were born in the wild, they often use their voices, bodies and attitude to improve an animal's behavior. Wild animals are more of a challenge since they are unfriendly, domesticated animals are much more easier to talk to. In order to actually change an animal's behavior they must be thirty feet away and target the animal. After targeting the animal, the dryad can also change the behavior of animals with low smarts such as a girallon or darkmantle.


  • In real life, Dryads are tree nymphs in Greek Mythology that have an attachment to oak trees.