Alignment Neutral, Neutral evil
Classes Tinker, Druid of the wild, Geomancer, Warrior
Homeland Uldaman
Leader(s) The Pantheon
Homeworld Azeroth
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Titan, Dwarven

Earthens are a race of stone dwarves created by the titans. They appear in the "World of Warcraft" series.


Titan ExperimentsEdit

Titans were experimenting with the earthen creation, they are made of stone and were created to watch over titan facilities. Titan scientist believed these creatures were successful.

War of the AncientsEdit

Before the War of the Ancients, technology was very rare and most tinkers were found amongst the earthen. During this war most dwarves sealed their cities off with very large indestructible gates. Leaving the night elves to battle the Burning Legion alone. They still had barely any contact with other races the earthens fought in the war. They fought the demons underground to prevent them from reaching the surface. When the Well of Eternity imploded, earthens were drastically affected, many turned to fleshy, mortal dwarves. They then lost much of their popualtion and selaed themselves in Titan cities. They did not touch surface for around 8,000 years.


Though it is unknown what awakened them, the earthen sealed within Uldaman eventually rose from their long slumber. Their rocky/stone-like skin was smooth now and their power over earth disappeared. Most have become mortal if not all did. They walked out of the titan complex to a few humans who referred to them as "dwarves", this name was later accepted among themselves and others.