Earthsoul genasi
Earthsoul genasi
Alignment Neutral
Classes N/A
Homeland Tethyr
Leader(s) Unknown
Homeworld Toril
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Common (presumed)

Earthsoul genasi are a subrace of genasi that harness the power of the earth. They are commonly seen with brown skin.


Argentor is a village located somewhere in Tethyr. It is home to many earthsoul genasi. Argentor is one of the few villages that are earthsoul genasi exclusive. A former genasi named Cephas received his training here by the Elder's two children.


When Cephas was in Argentor, it is revealed that the earthsoul genasi worship many lords and gods of the earth. They are not confined to just one religious figure.


Since the earthsoul genasi harness power from the earth, the earth can speak to them and the earthsoul genasi is able to speak back.