Alignment Lawful good
Classes N/A
Homeland Hyrule
Leader(s) Great Deku Tree (primary),

Kokiri owner

Homeworld Unnamed planet
Classification Fey humanoid
Languages Hylian

Fairies are a small race of glowing blue orbs with wings. They appear frequently in the "Legend of Zelda" series.


Kokiri, when born all start out with a fairy of their own. The fairy is tasked as the protector of the owner for their life in the Kokiri Forest. During the years the Hero of Time was alive, he was born in Kokiri Forest and did not have a fairy until the Great Deku Tree assigned Navi to him. Navi would guide Link all across Hyrule on his quest to save the land. When Link goes to Termina, however, he loses Navi for a short time and is assigned a new fairy.

In later years, almost a hundred years after the Hero of Time died, Link is traveling with Midna, the Twilight Princess and has an unknown fairy with him.

In fairy fountains, Link can collect fairies to regenerate health and catch them in a bottle as well.