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Welcome to the Fantasy Races Wiki[]

Welcome, everybody. I previously worked on Fictional Races Wiki and I am restarting and redoing most of the pages. The original content and images will remain as I am copying and pasting them over. This wiki will focus on races and creatures from various games. The site eventually will include races from the following: World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Forgotten Realms/Dungeons and Dragons and a few more games. The races will have information, history and culture.

Anyway please enjoy your stay and I hope to see some editors soon.

The Topic[]

The wiki will focus on various races, stated above and various locations that have been significant throughout these games. Eventually pages for classes will be created, but that will not be done for a while.

Hallowseve15, also known as Mage505 is the creator of Fantasy Races wiki, please contact me via messages if you wish.

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