Alignment Chaotic evil
Classes Warrior, Priest, Mage, Hunter, Shaman, Healer
Homeland Firelands
Leader(s) Ragnaros
Homeworld Elemental Plane
Classification Outsider humanoid
Languages Kalimag, Common

Flamewakers are servants to Ragnaros that are ruthless. They are not completely made up of fire but they are fire elementals with blood and skin. They appear in the "World of Warcraft' series.


Territory & BehaviorEdit

A majority of the flamewaker race dwell in the Firelands, the Elemental Plane of Fire, some live in Blackrock Depth's Molten Core such as an ambassador named Flamelash. In the Molten Core, many flamewaker are encountered and fought, including Ragnaros's chief lieutenant Majordomo Executus who is also a flamewaker. They are unwavering servants to Ragnaros and form a society described as rigid within the Firelands which are ruled by monarchs serving Ragnaros. Some people think the flamewaker are an immortal race, but this is false. Eventually after two milennia their fiery bodies burn out and they die.

Flamewakers are very smart, so they use tactics and strategies that are sophisticated. Groups of flamewakers will spread out to make sure nobody gets hit too many times. They also try to divide their opponents through the usage of dominate monsters and firestorms cast between enemy forces. A flamewaker generates so much heat that its mere touch deals extra fire damage. Metallic flamewaker weapons, such as flamewaker quarterstaffs also conduct this kind of heat.

An adventuring flamewaker is relatively unseen, no flamewakers have ever left Ragnaros's dominion for other jobs. However, Ragnaros may send flamewakers out from the Blackrock Depths for his own purposes. These flamewakers may be considered adventurers because they will join forces with an adventuring party to further his tasks. If a flamewaker departs from the Firelands, it must remain near something hot such as a volcano or the use of fire magic to maintain the hot temperatures. Adventuring flamewakers usually wear specially crafted magic amulets to maintain their temperatures. Though it has never occurred, the possibility exists that a flamewaker could betray Ragnaros and his people and head out into Azeroth for a life of adventure. Such a life is probably short lived. Flamewakers have a demonic appearance and an evil reputation, so other races are likely to give them a harsh reception. In addition, the outcast's flamewaker brethren and Ragnaros's other servants like as dark dwarves and fire elementals would hunt him, with orders to kill the flamewaker tratior on sight.