Alignment Neutral
Classes Warrior, Geomancer, Hunter
Homeland Bancour Region
Leader(s) Various warchiefs
Homeworld Gaia
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Unnamed dialect

Garif are a race of tribal humanoids who wear eagle masks. They appear in the "Final Fantasy" series.


Garif may look intimidating at first but are in fact a very peaceful race. They live in tribes scattered across the vast land of Ivalice on Gaia, only one tribe has been completely seen though.

Due to the garif and their appearance, they are often hunting and are very good at it due to their keen senses. Other garif become herders and raise animals. The animals raised by garif are called "nanna" in their language and produce the best milk and cheese in Ivalice. Other gsrif become geomancers and traders.

Garif do not care about currency or any material goods and choose to live with nature. Unlike the humes, garif are not interested in any machinery and choose not to use any of it either. The only materials used in garif society is wood and stone used to erect houses. Other materials used on garif homes include leather, grass and even sometimes bones.

Occuria and the GarifEdit

Many, many years ago, the occuria tried to infleunce the garif with nethicite, or shards used for magic. The garif could not use the stones or even control them but they worshiped the occuria. Though the occuria were upset, they gave the stones to the humes who could actually use the stones.


  • Bits and pieces of garif culture are likely a reference to the real-life Native American ways.