Alignment Neutral, Neutral evil
Classes Warrior, Pirate, Thief
Homeland Gerudo Desert
Leader(s) Ganondorf
Homeworld Unnamed planet
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Unnamed dialect

Gerudo are a race of desert-dwelling humans made up by almost entirely females. They appear in the "Legend of Zelda" series.


Gerudo have been living in Gerudo Desert for many years. Interestingly, the gerudo is made up of mainly females with a male being born every one hundred years. When an individual approaches a gerudo, tribal tattoos are visible all on their bodies. The gerudo seem to be magic users also, but hardly anything is known about their magic since they rarely use it.

Since males occur very rarely in gerudo society, it is assumed that the gerudo have relationships with other races that are not gerudo.

Nabooru, a gerudo woman is a sage.

Recent YearsEdit

In recent times, the gerudo population has become unknown. Many adventurers and natives to Hyrule believe that beyond the Gerudo Desert mountains lies the remainder of the tribe. This speculation has yet to be proven and the gerudo races' status remains unknown.


Gerudo are a tribe of warriors dedicated to fighting. Since the gerudo tribe is a fighting tribe, they are seen using different weapons such as glaives, scimitar swords and bow and arrows. During the years the Hero of Time was alive, gerudo used horses for combat while their counterparts in Termina used boats since they were pirates.

Gerudo do not take outsiders well when in their land. This includes Hyrule's entire desert region. Thieves exist amnogst gerudo ranks and earn the ability from nobility. If a non-gerudo can prove him or herself then they are welcomed into gerudo land.


  • Gerudo culture is inspired by Arabic and Amazon lifestyles.