Alignment Neutral
Classes Warrior
Homeland Skyrim
Leader(s) Unknown
Homeworld Nirn
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Giantish

Giants are a race of gargantuan and towering humanoids from Tamriel. They are a rather peaceful race, unless provoked or think that person is a threat. They appear in the the "Elder Scrolls" series.



The giants are commonly seen in the hills of High Rock and less commonly in the hills of Skyrim. Some are seen in camps that are also on elevated terrain such as cliffs, hills or mountains.


Giant technology is basic and simple. They arm themselves with either a stone club or wooden club. They often wear animal pelts and animal bones, some bones belong to the trolls native to High Rock or Skyrim.

Most giants live off meat and use basic technology for this, such as roasting or skinning. They seem to herd mammoths for meat, milk and on some occasions even cheese. The giants do not like eating horse or wolf for unknown reasons.


The culture of giants is relatively unknown, however it is known that some giants paint of cave walls, this resembles their decorative scarification.


Giants are relatively seen herding mammoths for sustenance. They are wary of other races but have accustomed to it. A majority of giants remain neutral and only attack if someone wanders into their herds or camps. Lone giants are much more neutral and if approached have a low chance of hostility. The reason for this is unclear exactly. Sometimes they even ignore a person if face to face, the cause of this is also unclear. It is known that giants raise mammoths as livestock. If one attacks the giant's "livestock" the giant will immediately turn hostile and attack.

Interactions with racesEdit

Giants are occasionally offered cow by farmers as a sacrifice to the giants. The farmers do this to try and convince the giant not to attack his or her livestock. Most of the cows offered have a paint marking on it, traditionally for giants to notice it. These are peace offerings which giants often ignore ultimately leading to them slaying the farmer.