Alignment Neutral evil
Classes Warrior, Shaman, Berserker, Warlord, Skirmisher
Homeland Cyrodiil
Leader(s) Unknown
Homeworld Nirn
Classification Small humanoid
Languages Unnamed dialect

Goblins are a race of small humanoids with white or bluish to green skin tones. They were active during the Third Era and have since been missing, likely hiding. They appear in the "Elder Scrolls" series.


Goblins are often seen in clans that live around specific locations, such as miens or caverns but they also may be found the sewers or ruins.


Goblins are not a sapient species, this is not necessarily accurate as there is evidence of animal domestication and social structures with ranks of people in certain groups. These ranks are known as warrior, berserkers and ambusher while the leaders are often witches, shamans or chiefs. They are certainly not considered civilized or sapient by the other races, and there is no proof of any peaceful relationships between goblins and the other races.


It seems goblins prefer to reside in dark places such as caves or mines and survive on eating rat meat. Many goblin farmers have rat pens or roasted rats because they farm them.

Racial WarsEdit

Sometimes goblin clans will battle other goblin clans, this usually occurs if one person stole their totem staff. One example of this is based around the White Skin Clan and the Sharp Tooth Clan, both of which can be found close to Skingrad. In order to prove who is better, a clan may steal the totem staff of another clan, sparking a goblin war. Inside the cave of the Sharp Tooth clan it is possible to find the White Skin's totem staff, along with White Skin Goblins fighting the Sharp Tooth to get their staff back. It should also be noted that the staves can be sold for a grand price.


  • Goblins were going to appear in "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" but have not been featured yet.