Alignment Lawful good, Lawful evil, Neutral, Neutral good, Neutral evil, Chaotic good, Chaotic evil
Classes Various
Homeland Aglarond
Leader(s) Unknown
Homeworld Toril
Classification Natural humanoid
Languages Common, Elven

Half-elves are a race of humanoids with half elven descent and human descent. They appear in the "Forgotten Realms" series.


When growing up, regardless of who raises them, they often feel alone and out of the way. In a half-elf is raised by an elf, they mature much faster than others. Due to their maturity level, the half-elves often feel like outsiders of any place they visit or live in. Other elven race pairings exist as well such as half-drow. Most people believe half-elves to be more of a mixed race than half-breeds. However, supremacists tend to view people like this as being corrupted in comparison to the standard strains of elf which are commonly recorded and acknowledged.


Since half-elves are a mix of human and elven descent, they are given unique abilities. They are described as being more durable and charming then their parents, but lack the wisdom and grace of their elven parents. Half-elves have a natural ability to learn outside of their specialty, giving them a strength they can adapt to. Half-elves, like their elven parents, work well with other people and can give out some of their own skill to allies and friends.


Half-elves have no true culture to call their own, however since Aglarond has a huge and wide influence of half-elves the culture their is considered half-elven. Usually though, half-elves follow the culture they were born into even though they often run away from home. Because of this, half-elves lack an accent or any real outlooks on culture.