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Qsiti are a race of small beings which can be both feral that can be found in the wilderness, as well as civilized inhabiting various cities and towns. They are famous for their composure as the civilized ones are always calm and reasonable. Qsiti prefer intelligence and tactics to pure strength. Being very different from their wild cousins, the civilized Qsiti love studying and reading books, as well as gaining knowledge which they can proficiently use.


They are small and innocent looking. A reptilian head with long hanging ears and big eyes is connected via a lizard-like neck  with a straightened rabbit-like body and long rabbit feet. A humanoid built allows them to use their hands like humans.

Abilities and skillsEdit

Qsiti are exceptionally skilled at gathering intelligence, being great spies, as well as using the information as skilled tacticians. They are often called the voice of reason as they tend to analyze a situation, rather than simply charge head on. The urge for knowledge makes them also skilled arcanists (magicians) and archivists. While running they can accelerate to great speed by using all four limbs by running on in a vertical position, as they are able to use their rabbit-like build.